About Trendwatch (India) Private Limited

Balancing risk and reward.

Trendwatch India provides specialised products and services for professional investors. The company was founded by Deepak Mohoni (B. Tech. IIT Kanpur, MBA - IIM Calcutta) in 1996. Deepak is rated as India's foremost market strategist by many investors.

Deepak popularised the use of technical analysis with his pioneering columns in the Economic Times and Business World. He has appeared on several television channels including ET Now, BBC, CNBC TV18, NDTV Profit, Zee Business, Aaj Tak, Star TV and Doordarshan.

His comments on the market are often quoted by business newspapers and magazines. He has been interviewed by the Financial Times of London and Asahi Shimbun of Japan.

Trendwatch India's main products are the Trendwatch Historical Database, and investing and trading workshops.

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