Trendwatch Historical Database (TWHD)

Over 20 years of reliable data in an attractively priced package.

Indian stockmarket history that works with charting packages that can read the Metastock data format.



  • Price and volume database of all the stocks listed on BSE & NSE going back to 1989
  • A daily updating and reporting software.
  • Intra-day price history of more than 225 most highly traded stocks.
  • Automatic and accurate updates of rights, bonus issues & company name changes. Users can be completely sure about accuracy, as Deepak Mohoni himself uses the data.
  • Available on CD-ROM. Daily updates & adjustments are supported over the Internet.
  • Can create and maintain customised directories to group stocks in any order desired by you.
  • Provides daily report on the market showing advances and declines, new listings, biggest movers, XB/XRs, unusual volume activity etc.



Installation package with historical data and daily data updates for 1 year Rs. 7,500
Installation package with historical data and daily data updates for 3 years Rs. 12,500

The charges for daily data updates in subsequent years

Super Saver! 3 years Rs. 10,000
Savings 2 years Rs. 8,500
Budget 1 year Rs. 5,000

*18% GST is applicable on all the prices.

Payments may be made by depositing a local cheque or DD drawn in favour of Trendwatch (India) Private Limited at any convenient local branch of ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank.
ICICI Bank account : 000505002075 (Bund Garden, Pune) HDFC Bank account : XXXXXXXXXXX (Boat Club Road, Pune)
The amount may also be transferred online to any of these accounts, or sent to us by cheque or demand draft.

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