Daywatch : Intra-day trading recommendations

Trade while the sun shines!

The low risk way to steady profits.



  • Ideal for traders who like to complete their trades within the session, thus avoiding overnight risk.
  • Trading recommendations are sent straight to your mobile by sms. Also available on instant messenger.
  • Trades are based on breakouts from a narrow range in momentum stocks.
  • Tight stop losses are used to minimise trading risk.
  • Orders are placed before the breakout occurs, removing the need to chase a stock.
  • Continuously updated trailing stops to retain profits.
  • All recommendations are picked by Deepak Mohoni.


Several subscription options are available for the Daywatch SMS. You can switch from the one-month try-it-out subscription to any of the longer schemes by just paying the difference in rates. The one-month subscription, can of course, be repeated any number of times.

Super Saver! 3 years Rs. 57,000
Popular 1 year Rs. 30,000
Savings 6 months Rs. 17,000
Budget 3 months Rs. 9,500
Try it out! 1 month Rs. 4,000

Payments may be made by depositing a local cheque or DD drawn in favour of Trendwatch (India) Private Limited at any convenient local branch of ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank.
ICICI Bank account : 000505002075 (Bund Garden, Pune) HDFC Bank account : 00392000004932 (Boat Club Road, Pune)
The amount may also be transferred online to any of these accounts, or sent to us by cheque or demand draft.


Registered users of the site are welcome to try out Daywatch SMS free for two days. The trial would begin within two trading sessions of the form's submission. Site registration is free - click here to register.

You will see a free trial form below if you already are a registered user. If you face any difficulty in submitting the form, please click here.