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Course and Anticourse explained
Posted: Dec 29, 2020 00:02
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This course teaches a large number of strategies that usually result in positive returns from the market. There are several of these, with the practitioners ranging from hedge-fund managers to highly successful individual investors and traders. The time frames of interest therefore range from a few minutes to holding forever.

A course like this cannot be presented via zoom or a webinar format. Doing so would result in a logistical problem of getting everyone online at the same time every day for four weeks. The question and answer sessions would be chaotic.

However, the well-established practices of platforms like coursera have already worked extremely well for millions, and we are therefore adapting a similar format. This means that all the material - audio-visual as well as text - would be made available for you to study as and when you want to. This also allows you to proceed at your own pace. The material would remain available permanently.

The course includes "live" market sessions. Instructions for the exercises will be messaged to you, and you can read them when convenient. Even if you are unable to watch the market live, you will be able to understand the methods used.

We expect that the typical participant would need about four weeks if they spend 30-60 minutes a day on the course. However, you can go at the pace you want, which means you can take longer than the expected 4 weeks if busy with other things, or even finish sooner if you put in extra hours.

All the methods you will learn are objective. This means that any two people following a certain process would arrive at the same conclusion. This simple expectation is unfortunately not met by many of the practices that exist in the trading world.

All the strategies that are being taught have a solid backing and following. The course's foundation lies in the ideas of Nobel Prize winners, renowned economists and mathematicians, and authors of best-selling books. No controversial methods will be covered, but these will be mentioned as dodgy, with reasons provided.

The course has been kept at a very simple level, with the target audience imagined to be a student who only knows what a stockmarket is.

The anticourse has been on for over a week now. One post is built every day (except Sundays), and this will continue right until Feb 15 when the main course starts. These posts are light and informative, and yet short (usually less than 15 minutes), and are links to reading material and video clips from authoritative sources, and my comments on why they are important insights. If you join now we will send you 2-3 posts a day until you catch up with the front runners.

You will find more details about the course and anticourse here : Course & Anticourse

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