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Humans have reduced wildlife populations by 68% since 1970, and haven't slowed down yet - WWF report
Posted: Nov 17, 2020 17:47
Photo by Cassandra Ortiz on Unsplash

The WWF released an important report in September 2020. The report states that wildlife populations have plunged by 68% since 1970. It says that this "catastrophic decline" is showing no sign of slowing down, and warns that nature is being destroyed by humans at an unprecedented rate.

Wildlife is "in freefall" as we burn forests, over-fish our seas and destroy wild areas, says Tanya Steele, chief executive at WWF.

"We are wrecking our world - the one place we call home - risking our health, security and survival here on Earth. Now nature is sending us a desperate SOS and time is running out."

WWF report : Living Planet Report 2020

Download the PDF

BBC story on the report : Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn

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