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Trendwatch's new generation of products make full use of powerful data manipulation software working on high quality stock price data properly adjusted for corporate actions. These products will enable investors and traders to have access to rich information which will greatly improve their decision making. The newer set of products will be released very soon. Meanwhile our price database and workshops continue to be on offer.

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Historical Share Prices

30 years of high-integrity historical price data for BSE and NSE, adjusted for splits, bonuses, rights, schemes of arrangement and extraordinary dividends.

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Workshops & Courses

Deepak Mohoni has held over 150 workshops for individual traders and investors, as well as several in-house workshops for financial institutions.

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In the pipeline

We will have a slew of products coming up at regular intervals, most making full use of powerful data science computing tools.

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A Different Perspective

These products will offer traders and investors a whole new perspective with which to look at markets, thereby enriching their decision-making ability.

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These products have been designed to provide computed data in spreadsheet formats, and a few by way of desktop programs.

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High-end tools

Users will also be able to access the sort of outputs typically produced by sophisticated algorithms as well as those used by robo-advisors.

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